Treat Kids To Comics With These Halloween Titles

While Halloween is a celebration of the macabre, the ghoulish, and the things that make us scream in terror, it’s also a time for kids (and many adults!) to dress up like their favorite character and take to the streets for tasty treats. But candy isn't the only seasonal delight to be had; comics can also offer a thrill to little ghouls and goblins which can be enjoyed long after All Hallow’s Eve has passed and won’t rot any teeth.

Below are some great Halloween-themed comics for kids to enjoy:

Scary Godmother For young readers looking for some sweet to go along with the spooky, there's Jill Thompson's Scary Godmother series, collected by Dark Horse Comics. Guided by her spunky yet gentle Scary Godmother, young Hannah Marie has adventures and learns lessons both in the "normal" world and on the Fright Side, a land where the creepy denizens of legend live. Whether it’s teaching a bully some manners, helping a vampire couple settle their troubles, or teaching Hannah Marie not to fear Halloween, Scary Godmother offers heartwarming treats along with the ghoulish treats.
Another young girl who has a very different experience with the otherworldly is introduced in the Courtney Crumrin series from Oni Press. Dragged to the suburbs by her parents to live with her Great Uncle Aloysius in his spooky, old house, Courtney adjusts to being the new girl in school while dealing with her weird uncle. But she soon discovers her family legacy and the supernatural beings and adventures that come with it. Striking the perfect blend of supernatural adventure, Courtney Crumrin gives kids the thrill of the otherworldly. Courtney Crumrin
 Treehouse of Horror Simpsons fans have come to enjoy the creepy, kooky, and altogether spooktacular tales in the series' annual Treehouse of Horrors specials. Bongo Comics offers comic readers those same chillingly hilarious skits in their Bart Simpson's Treehouse of Horrors comic specials. Featuring consistently top-notch talent and the familiar denizens of Springfield,  these comics offer plenty of "D'oh"-rifying tales for Halloween fans of all ages.
Image Comics' Silverline imprint shows that meeting your heroes isn't always the best idea, as a young boy learns in the graphic novel Dear Dracula. Sam loves horror movies, especially featuring Dracula, and is overjoyed when the number one vampire, Dracula himself, arrives in response to a letter from Sam. But as Dracula imparts the pleasures of being a vampire, Sam begins to think maybe it’s not so great. Dear Dracula is a charming tale for younger readers from the creative team behind Sketch Monsters.  Dear Dracula
 Archie's Haunted House Archie and Friends: Archie's Haunted House showcases the spookier side of Riverdale with tales of Archie, Jughead, Veronica, Betty, and the gang in various eerie adventures. Whether it's the gang trying to save an old house in town that happens to be haunted, or possessed by Halloween costumes, there's plenty of goo-natured laughs in this Archie collection.

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