Masters of Horror Comics: American Vampire

Vertigo's American Vampire is one of Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque's best known titles--find out why it's one of the Masters of Horror Comics and why it's perfect for Halloween.

Masters of Horror Comics: Hellblazer

Vertigo's Hellblazer gave us one of the most iconic supernatural characters in all of comics: John Constantine. See why this Brit, created by Alan Moore, made the cut for our Masters of Horror Comics series.

Masters of Horror Comics: Locke & Key

IDW's Locke & Key is an award winning series detailing the supernatural horrors that befall the Locke kids after they move to their family's ancestral home: Keyhouse. See why it's earned a spot on the Masters of Horror Comics list!

Masters of Horror Comics: Preacher

Vertigo's Preacher series is one of the most lauded series by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon. Following a biblical horror tale, see why it made our list of top horror comics.

Masters of Horror Comics: Harrow County

Dark Horse's Harrow County, a Halloween ComicFest 2016 title, is one of writer Cullen Bunn's most famous creator-owned series. See why it's earned a spot on the Masters of Horror Comics list!

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