Five Reasons Why You Should Be Reading The Walking Dead

Sina Grace is the writer of The Li'l Depressed Boy, and is the long time editor for Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead comic book. No one knows Kirkman's zombie escapades better than Sina, and for this reason we tasked him with naming five reasons why YOU should be reading The Walking Dead!

1  Amazing artwork!

Charlie Adlard is a master storyteller using negative space and dense line work to his advantage. He can draw drama, action, gore, and is able to create iconic  characters like no other.

2 Characters you'll love!

The nice thing about an ongoing survival horror is that you get time to fall in love with the characters...only for Robert to kill them off!  I can't pick a favorite character, because the entire lot of survivors are nuanced, and bad-ass zombie killers.

3 No compromises, no sharks.

The Walking Dead is a creator-owned comic, meaning Robert has no one to answer to when he writes any given issue. There's no corporate entity enforcing rules, and at no point has the book ever jumped the shark, which, let's face it: a lot of zombie series end up going the way of nuked fridges!

4 There's a lot of it!

If you're the kind of fan who gets immersed in a series when hooked, then you'll love the fact that there are over 100 issues of The Walking Dead, and they're collected in two brick compendiums. If you're more into nicer tomes, the series is collected in so many ways, for all types of fans.

5 The zombies aren't even the scariest aspect.

Just you wait and see how awful we get once an apocalypse is brewing... You'll understand when you meet the Governor!

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