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5 Great Hellboy Stories To Get You In The Halloween Mood

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What better way to get ready for Halloween than catching up with everyone's' favorite Demon? You may have seen Hellboy in both of his movies, but did you know writer and artist Mike Mignola has had Hellboy investigating the paranormal and fighting Nazis since 1993? 

That's right, long before Ron Perlman joined up with Guillermo Del Toro to make two films, Hellboy was summoned from Hell to Earth as an infant demon by a group of Nazi Occultists in 1944, only to be rescued by allied forces.

As he grows, Hellboy wokrs for the B.R.P.D. (Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense), investigating the forces of darkness. Equipped with a gun, a huge stone fist, and his trademark sense of humor, Hellboy must delve into dark and mysterious worlds previously unseen. Have you missed out on Hellboy so far? Well, here are five easy ways to catch up! Look for these titles from Dark Horse Comics now at your local comic shop!

In the first story arc featuring Hellboy, we learn a bit about his past, his ressurection by Nazi Occultists, and see him fight forces of the underwolrd. Hellboy Vol 1: Seed of Destruction (AUG128257introduces us to our hero and his signature charm as he attempts to stop a plauge of frogs from terrorizing earth.

As he begins to team up with a cast of characters that have become just as beloved as he has over the years, Hellboy faces his first true challenge. With the B.R.P.D. at his side, he shouldnt be able to lose, as long as he can put his bad attitude aside. Enjoy the films? Director Guillermo Del Toro has sighted this story as his main inspiration for them! Mike Mignola's award winning run starts here, you should too!

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With the B.P.R.D now calling the shots (and Mike Mignola wrting and drawing on his own), Hellboy is forced to delve even deeper into his origins. Hellboy Vol 2: Wake The Devil (JAN140114) sees the horn-less demon sent on an investigation of a Romanian aristocrat. Surprise, surprise things aren't what they seem. The investigation spins out of hand quickly, and Hellboy must clash with a small group of Nazis who want to bring the Third Reich back to power. That's fine with Hellboy, as he seems to be much better at brawling than detective work anyway. 

However, these Nazis are some of the same Nazis from Hellboys past. The same Nazis that promised Hitler a demon to help carry out his "final solution".  

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After Reading the first two award winning volumes, you're going to be left with some questions.

Luckily, Hellboy Vol 3: The Chained Coffin , and Others (MAR128224is here to help. This volume helps to "fill in the gaps" that the previous two may have left. Infusing signature horror and supernatural themes with those of Folklore, Mignola crafts intricacate tales that span genres.
The Corpse" intoduces a certain character you may recognize from the films, and deals with Hellboy attempting to save a captured baby. "The Baba Yaga" is going to answer some burning questions that will still be on your mind from the events of Wake the Devil.

Hellboy's signature humor is really seen in "Christmas Undergorund" which mixes horror with wit as a castle is under seige, and the only one who can come to the rescue is...HellboyClause? 

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Like what you've read so far? Then go all out with Hellboy: The First 20 Years (NOV130011), spanning Mike Mignola's now vast universe of Hellboy.

Throughout Hellboy Mike Mignola has created a full on universe, including "Hellboy", "B.R.P.D." (tales of the fictional police department, that don't always inlcude Hellboy), "Abe Sapien" (one of Hellboy's coworkers, recognizable from both films) and "Witchfinder" (Tales of a Ninteenth century Paranormal Investigator).

Creator art and some finished pieces showcase the extremely vast universe's evolution over the first 20 years.

True fans will not want to miss out on this! 
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Finally, Mike Mignola teams with Duncan Fergado (Judge Dredd) to bring you a haunting story of Hellboy's youth: Hellboy: Midnight Circus (JUN130031)When the young demon runs away from the B.R.P.D., he discovers a circus full of demons much like himself.  Could his life have taken a much different route? Delve into a world off the Hellboy beaten path, seeing a completely different view of the character.

A truly unique tale, this story combines a typical coming of age story with the universe of Hellboy. Striking art work and a clever narrative make Midnight Circus a haunting yet quirky look at the demon's early days. 

Can't wait to start reading Hellboy? Go to your local comic shop now and get started! 

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