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Marvel Gets Scary: 5 Horror Themed Marvel Stories

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With the huge mainstream success of Marvel Comics and it's extended media universes it's easy to forget just how quirky their huge universe can get. Marvel has seen it's characters reimagined in the noir style, in the year 1602, and of zombies. Whether it's Spider-Man eating flesh or a good old fashioned werewolf story, Marvel Comics has you covered. Here are five times Marvel Comics decided to get scary, just in time for Halloween ComicFest!

Who wants to see their favoirte, classic Marvel characters become flesh eating monsters? Everybody! That's why Marvel Zombies Complete Collection TP VOL 1 (JUL130723) shows you just that. When Reed Richards tricks his Ultimate counterpart into opening a portal to the zombie world, chaos reigns.

Our heroes still retain their powers, their wit, their charm, just with the added desire for human flesh. The twist? When we first see The Avengers and company, they've already eaten all the humans! Who could possibly stop this madness? Well, when the Silver Surfer arrives, we all know Galactus isn't far behind. Will the Zombies be a match for a villain who destroys entire planets?

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George A. Romero is no stranger to zombies. Okay, that's an understatement. Romero is the king of zombies. In George Romero's Empire of the Dead Act One (APR140769), we see the king himself join up with Marvel Comics to bring you a tale of Manhattan, years after a zombie apocalypse.

However, this doesn't mean that the battle is over. We soon see the zombies are't alone, as vampires are also roaming the streets of New York! The mystery doesn't end there, as it appears the zombies are evolving, an unknown force is attacking Mayor Chandrake,and it all seems connected to the undead former cop Xavier.  This frigtening mystery by a true horror legend should not be missed!

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Are zombies a bit much for you? Then go old school with the classic Monster of Frankenstein TP (JUL150845). 

This book collects various stories and incarnations of Victor Frankenstein's monster. Whether it be a graphic retelling of Mary Shelly's classic story,or the monster on a personal quest to find one of his creator's last living descendents, this collection of 1970's stories will have you on the edge of your seat!

In order to make this a real classic monster story, Frankenstein clashes with his foes Dracula and Werewolf By Night. These classsic stories cannot be found anywhere else!

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It wouldn't be a true Marvel Halloween party without Man-Thing by Steve Gerber: The Complete Collection Vol. 1 (JUL150844). While Dr. Ted Sallis is working to recreate Captain America's super soilder serum, Advanced Idea Mechanics (AIM) breaches security.

After the breach, Dr. Sallis must inject himself with the serum, but then crashes into the swamps of Florida soon after.
The result is Man-Thing, a large humainoid plant creature. Since then, Man-Thing has crossed paths with everyone in the Marvel Universe, including Captian America, Doctor Strange, and of course, Howard The Duck. The legendary monster's tale starts here!

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Another classic Marvel horror title, Werewolf By Night Omnibus HC (APR150923) follows Jack Russell, the latest in a long line of Russells who have a secret. At night, Jack turns into a Werewolf, and he isn't always so nice. Roy Thomas of Conan The Barbarian fame helms this tense story of Jack as he begins to come to terms with his abilities, and the baggage attached.

Since his manifestation in the 1970's Jack has rubbed shoulders with Man-Thing, The X-Men, Spider Man, and The Punisher. Jack runs into these characters as both friend and foe, as he cannot always keep his powers under control!

See the beginning of his anti heroic ways here, and keep and eye out for the first ever apperance of Moon Knight!

Pick up these horror titles from Marvel Comics and more right now at your local comic shop!

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